The StartFuze tribe

We're a tribe of startup professionals ranging from business guru's, computer wizards, serial entrepreneurs, investors, management consultants including the entire Startup Eco-System value chain. Startfuze are helping Startup's making magic happen, providing full-service support in a box.

We’re all experts within our fields of marketing, sales, financial modelling, accounting, HR, PR, legal, IP Rights, MVP development, coding, systems architecture, team building, company building, soft funding, angel funding and hand over to seed Investment. We provide all C-Levels for Hire or as-a-Service in a business delivery model supporting Startups cash-flow, not draining it.

StartFuze sets out to increase Startup's cashflow by providing qualified competence, resources and staff combined with formal accreditation - in a way startup's can thrive & flourish. We call it the New Generation Business Model.

We require no credit rating or cash upfront. We do however, have to believe in your business idea and your ability to make it happen, so tell us your story and chances are we’ll find common ground.

Get in touch today if you want to find out more about how your startup can access world-class resources. We’re ready to listen and take your startup from a local or national level to play in the international league.

We're a proud partner at the AIM North Symposium 2019 where we will officially launch at AIM-X Startup Sessions at Oslo Metropolitan University 7th November

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